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Author: Disbelief

Airport: Cleveland Hopkins International Airport CLE

Location: Cleveland, OH

Wheelchair Pat Down

I was standing in line waiting to go through security. I noticed an elderly lady in a wheel chair going though security. They were xraying everyone that day. They told her to get out of the wheel chair and go stand in the xray machine. She did so with a little effort. Now here's the funny part. They pushed her wheelchair through the metal detactor and, of course, it beeped.

When they got it to the other side instead of moving it over so the lady could sit down one of the TSA agents did a pat down of the wheelchair checking the seat, back and sides. It was absolutely funny watching this idiot frisk the metal wheel chair that alerted when it went through the metal detector.

Where do they get these people?

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Too much. It seems TSA will focus on making the flying experience miserable for senior citizens but allow undocumented passengers through on expired boarding passes and no Identification. They need to go.


It is standard to pat down a wheelchair, they pushed it through the metal detector to get it to the other side of the screening area... did you notice that the only way through a security checkpoint is through a metal detector?? thats why it is called a "secure area" please use your common sense before judging someones actions..


wannabe cops ,with rude and arragant character


Having worked with seniors let me tell you: That sweet old person is just as capable of hiding contraband in the arms or other pieces of their chair. Some of the best crooks are the sweet old ladies because no one would suspect us. That's right, US! I'm 65