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Author: Business Traveler

Airport: Atlanta Hartsfield Intl. Airport ATL

Location: Atlanta, GA

Don't wear a Cross

After being subjected to the body invasive xray I was selected for an additional "pat down" because the xray alerted on a dangerous object around my neck. I was asked to unbutton my shirt near the top so the screener could inspect the dangerous object. As he patted me down around my neck he pulled out my gold cross on a gold chain. (small about 1 1/4 inches long). He told me that I should not wear a cross when I travel.

I asked why and since when was wearing a cross considered a dangerous weapon. No Answer. I was told to take the chain and cross off so that it could be run through the xray machine. I was able to get the clasp undone and the cross was put in a bowl to be further xrayed.

When I got the cross back I was again reminded that I should remove all jewelry including crosses or it would be best just not to wear it.

So now it appears that TSA is controlling our expressions of faith. It's getting worse.

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I was just groped at the Boise, Idaho airport after going through the full body scanner. When I asked the female TSA agent why I was being felt up, she said they could probably see my necklace on the scanner. I wasn't asked to remove the necklace, but did have the pleasure of my breast implants being smashed by the back of her hands. So TSA can see my necklace, they can see my implants. If there was something else in my bra, couldn't they see that, too? This agency should be completely reformed. Travel is supposed to be fun, not this nightmare.