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Author: snowdevil

Airport: Wilmington - New Castle Airport ILG

Location: Wilmington, DE

I certainly feel safer

Just to preface, this happened at Dulles Int'l. Airport, and not Wilmington, but the software doesn't have that option.

I feel so much safer boarding a plane now that my 12 year old has been frisked down, all her markers and artwork dumped all over the screening area and that she was treated like a convicted criminal.
Likewise with the 90 year old in front of her - I'm sure he was packing heat somewhere between his prescriptions and false knees.
As for myself, the simians at McCarren airport got their jollies over a pat-down and body scan taken because I had left a very lethal piece of paper in my pocket - I might take hostages with the threat of a paper cut.

TSA agents: if you need to look any of these big words up, is great website. I rest assured that most of you are stuck in dead end jobs and probably can't afford to fly on the planes you are "protecting".

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