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Author: Don\'t carry Protein Bars

Airport: Boston Logan International Airport BOS

Location: Boston, MA

Protein Bars Inspected

I was returning home from a week's business trip. The night before I stopped at a Walgreens and bought 6 protein (Balance Bars) snack bars. I usually keep several on hand in case I'm delayed or I miss lunch. I packed the bars in my carry on suticase.

While going through TSA I was informed that my suitcase would need to be inspected. I replied, "sure." The agent opened my bag and found the 6 Balance Bars. He asked what they were. I replied, snack bars like a candy bar. At that point he opened the first bar. I asked why he had done that. He replied, "to be certain they are what you said." He then opened all 6 bars. I asked what was I supposed to do with them now that he had opened my food. He replied, That I could repack my bag. I explained that the chocolate covering would ruin my clothes and asked for a zip lock bag. He replied, that TSA does not provide zip lock bags.

I ended up throwing the Balance Bars away.

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Maybe he was hungry or a chocholic and after you left he scavenged them from the trash for a choclate fix or sugar fix.