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Military family w/ baby in diaper.

While traveling w/my Airman son (dressed in Air Force uniform) daughter -in-law. & 3mo/old infant grandson, TSA reared its head. Because we had only a very short flight, we took only 3 diapers, 2 small formula bottles & 1 change of clothes for the baby in a bag. I carried a small purse as did D.i.L. TSA pulled my son ( in full military uniform) who carried baby & bag, out for detailed search. The tore apart 2 of the 3 diapers and made my son remove the diaper the baby was wearing. This left us w/ only one good diaper left. We taped together the diaper on the baby and hoped for the best. Did they really think that baby was a threat? What did they think they would find in those diapers? When the agent nodded us through, he handed my son the destryed diapers. My son layed them down on the counter. As we were walking away we heard them call for extra security. We never had anyone else approach us , so maybe someone explained their insanity to them.

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Recently flew from Columbus Ohio to Houston and back on both trips TSA with my wife, 4 year old, and 10 month old sons. I was amazed at how my carryon contained 2 laptops, a camera, a camcorder, a gps device, cellphones, and medications for both myself and my wife... My bag was only given a cursory glance after I removed the laptops, however my wife was made to open the 2 bottles of formula so they could test them for explosives, and we had 2 unopened containers of baby food, and were made to open still factory sealed containers of baby food so that they could be tested for explosives as well, and as if that weren't enough my wife was given a rather extensive "feel-up" for being the one carrying these rather dangerous methods of nourishing our son!!!


oh now maybe the baby had "explosive" poop