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Drawing Tube launcher

I am an Architect. My practice has me flying all over the States for various projects. I most always carry a roll of drawings with me. Sometimes they get knocked around and tattered during my trips. I decided to buy a plastic tube to carry and protect the drawings. It is slicksided and made of black plastic, has a shoulder strap, a scew on top and is extendedable for various size of drawings. One morning I was in line to go through TSA when a young TSA female employee looked at me, saw the tube and got a scared look on her face. She called over a male security guard and they walked toward me. I had no idea why they looked so upset. By now the crowd around me has taken notice and all were watching. The employee asked me what the black tube was. I looked alittle puzzeled and said "this???" Alittle too suddenly, I swung it off my shoulder to open it to show them the drawings. The TSA gal went white and gasped, the guard put his hand on his gun, and I thought I was about to be shot. I slowly opened the tube, turned it upside and let the drawings slide out. Folks around me chuckled, the guard and TSA gal went red faced and hurried away. It was alittle while before my heart stopped racing, thinking about Barney Fife and his sidearm.

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