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I carry a 4" pocket knife daily and you can see it hanging from my pocket. It was pretty visible. I forgot to leave it at home, and slid through the metal detector so quick that the TSA worker thought the guy behind me tripped the beeper. The guy behind me glared at me like he knew it was me. They messed with him for a few minuites at least. I was me. I was waiting for a connecting flight and found that I had it hours later inside I think St. Louis airport. I had my boarding pass in my shirt pocket, so I covered my knife with it and slid it into my carry-on. I was with family and left my bag with them to have a cigarette outside. When I came in I had no ticket so coud not get in. I hade my phone but my folks dont buy into that crap, at least not then. I figured that I could get them paged but My flight was leaving in 12 minuites. So you see me jumping around running up and down looking in windows looking for my folks. I made it. With the way I was jumping around I thiught I would get stopped by the man. I figured a cop may be able to help, or I would have plenty of time to tell him my story.

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and ?, you got away with it? if someone else had done the same and something terrible had happened would it have been soooo informationally relative, funny, informative? I personnally don't get it.


I don't believe your story.


.cough. lie