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Ticket Time

My flight was delayed for 4 hours that night so I went to the bar. When my plane came in, they began calling my name. I had to go through the security check point again, but this time there had been a TSA "shift change". The next shift did not recognize me like the earlier shift (the place was dead epmty) They did not let me through at first because they check the flight time on on your ticket, which was for 4 hours erlier. I told all 5 of them to listen to the anouncements while I wait. They called my name again on intercom within a minuite and only one black dude heard and confirmed my name on my ticket. The still would not let me through thinking that maybe I was a terrosist, and that I knew an employee with intercom access working at the airport at that time to make a fake call to get me inside. I made a comotion insisting that the bar was on the wrong side of the checkpoint and that this was going to happen again and again to innocent drunk people. Just then another security guard looked and recognized me because I was making a scene- he recognized me as the guy who kept going to the bar all night. They raced me through. Just then the extra security team that had been called when I freaked out, came in time to cheer me to my plane. THEY SAID THEY CAME TO ARREST ME! I boarded my plane with 14 of them cheering "You can make it!" and "RUN" Yes I counted how many I could as I jogged between rows of chairs. DO NOT GO OUTSIDE AFTER YOUR TICKET EXPIRES

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Proof reed!!!!!

some person

nice grammar i believe its read not reed.