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Author: Bluewater Guy

Airport: St. Louis - Lambert International Airport STL

Location: St. Louis, MO

Creamy Peanut Butter

My wife and I were headed to Negril jamaica in spring 2007 for a two week stay in a condo we were renting there. We decided to take some groceries with us from home. My wife had a new unsealed jar of "creamy Jif peanut butter" in her carry on case.
When the TSA guy pulled it out of her case he said "sorry I am going to have to confiscate this". My wife thought the guy was kidding but he was dead serious. the reason he gave her "It was CREAMY and Cream wasn't allowed in carry on luggage!!!" She was fit to be tied and jpopped off to the guy saying "well, If I had bought the crunchy kind I guess I could have taken it?"
I was dying laughing in the parallel booth where they were seaching
my obvious knee implant with rigor.
What a waste of resources! there are much better ways to do this than
creating a huge inefficient beauracracy! We have plenty of those already!

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then if something happens to a fligth, it is TSA "fault"..... you people are so funny...


I'm not really sure what is so funny about this story. The TSA was doing their job. I never realized they were supposed to make exceptions for certain crusty old people...


apparently "Me" and "Brian" haven't delt with a government agency out of control or flown in the last ten years. TSA is like dealing with a spoiled child... nothing makes sense... there is no logic involved... and wants and needs are as random as the wind. Depending on which port or person that you deal with that particular day the rules are inforced or not inforced. I have been flying since i was 4 years old, I have lived in Europe, and I am 51 years old. These days... it comes down to the NAZI TSA arresting you for the "fatherland" I mean the "Homeland" security measures that could have used dogs instead of these contriversal super expensive machines... the machines could have been ordered with "Aviator" chartacters. But those bullies at TSA wouldn't want that... that wouldn't shown weakness to the public cause they want us all to "RESPECT THE BADGE". This country is so screwed up all on it's own... The terroist already won the war... they just got the USA government to do their dirty work.


not surprising at all. i could have told you they would confiscate the PB crunchy or creamy. i have a dog who is on the "pumpkin diet" which involves, libby's pumpkin. unfortunately, there was a pumpkin crop failure last year and there was no pumpkin to be had to aid and assist my now constipated dog. at last, some pupmkin was located in denver. but, while travelling back to vegas, TSA confiscated my dog's salvation to regularity. no pumpkin cannot be carried on a plane either as it might cause bowel movements in the pilots and flight attendants. it is really the tsa agents who have something up their A**


I guess you guys just don't have a sense of humor, because the funny part is she couldn't take the pb.( It was creamy and cream wasn't allowed on carry on luggage!) Hello, peanut butter is made of peanuts ground to a paste, cream is the fat in milk. That is why he was laughing and that is why he said it was a waist of resources. My 3rd grade son knows the difference between cream and peanut butter. Where are they hiring these people? I would have been laughing also.


apparently "Me" and "Brian" haven't delt with a government agency out of control or flown in the last ten years. I'd say they are intimately involved. They sound like shame-faced TSA employees.