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Author: emmaline

Airport: Philadelphia International Airport PHL

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Park Ranger Uniform

I was dressed in my work clothes, I worked for the National Park Service. I was traveling for work purposes. There I was in a Park Ranger Uniform, complete with a federal badge and a Smokey Hat. TSA stopped me and performed everything but a strip search. I just started laughing. Really? A Park Ranger is dangerous?

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There appears to be no professional courtesy between the TSA and the National Park Service. This is an example of the wasted effort in trying to examine everyone which inevitably leads to sloppiness and ultimate failure.


Any idiot can get a uniform of ANY kind. Park Ranger is no exception.

mary stephens

the park rangers that i have met are far from idiots and hardly look or act dangerous. and no i have no relatives that work for the park or forest service.


Carol, if you would reread the original post, you will note that the park ranger produced a federal badge. I don't think any idiot can just walk into a store and pick one of those up.


Carol, you're a bigger idiot than the TSA as a whole.


I suppose that carol has the exception for ignorance as common sense seemingly does not exist anymore.


If you've listened to the news this century, it's obvious that you cannot trust someone on face value. Violence, torture, molestation, rape, murder and bomb plots involving the likes of priests, park rangers, police, politicians, teachers, parents, spouses, etc. Why then, would anyone expect a TSA agent to accept someone on face value, regardless of the type of ID they have. (Again in the news, the feds who aren't even legal US residents or those who transmit secrets and restricted government info to governments in other countries. So who cares what kind of ID you have.) Is it so hard to see that the rent-a-security agents who staffed the scanners at the airports on 9/11/2001 had missed so many, many things so many times that morning? What do you think the families and loved ones of those we lost that day and of the rescuers who also later succumbed to illness or injury think about the efforts of the TSA? I'd be interested to hear what they'd say...but I bet they wouldn't be very interested in posting on a site such as this. Noticebly missing as well, would be the posts from those who where planning to do something wrong and then got busted by the TSA. Sometimes we have to put up with stuff that we don't like, especially when so many people have to work together to achieve the same end. He!!, we're all different and could never be expected to get along with everyone, but we do all want to be safer so most will willingly cooperate. I definitely believe that there are TSA agents who operate beyond the bounds of their duties and/or privileges. I thought I'd be seeing on this page, the encounters of people with those particular agents.




@PERPLEXED- Please don't let common sense stop you.