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So I was going back to Massachusetts. My mother was very sick and I was worried so I went decided to hop a flight back north. Obviously, I was not in the mood to deal with anyone's foolishness, but apparently I had no choice. I get to the line, took my shoes off, took my jewelry out my suitcase and it was already in a clear package so they could see it. But when they looked through it they told me I couldn't take it with me. What was it? It was a necklace from Hot Topic with a brass knuckle charm. They said I wasn't allowed to have any weapons on the plane...REALLY? Wow. Last time I checked, the charm was so small no human hands or even baby hands could fit into it, but whatever. Lol. I told them I wasn't leaving it because it was my favorite necklace. They said next time don't bring it because it's considered dangerous. Yeah, okay. Because I'm really gonna knock someone out with a charm on a necklace. Pfft!

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