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Author: Anonymous

Airport: Seattle-Tacoma Intl. Airport SEA

Location: Seattle, WA

Old lady in a wheel chair = terrorist threat

This happened a couple of years ago. I was in the airport and an old lady in a wheelchair came up and they decided to wand her. She was in a wheelchair because she couldn't walk. So they hauled her out of her wheelchair, a person at each foot and a person at each arm so that they could stand her up. And then they stuck the wand up her dress. In front of everyone.

I feel SO secure. TSA is incompetent. You can't cover that up by adding more scans.

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Maryland Mike

A little(a lot) over done.


Yeap, a little too much. I believe most of the security are rent a-cops who don't really know who or what they are actually doing or why. They have been watching too many movies.


They need additional training. Do not take it wrong they are doing it for our own safe.

Old Gringo

@Dian: Actually the TSA "agents" are in fact rent-a-cop rejects. Most were on welfare with no training to do ANYTHING so, there they are Homeland (in)Security in (in)action


I traveled home from Florida and put my sandals through the x ray. Then they made me let them wand the bottom of my bare feet.


Most people in TSA are okay, I think. There are a few idiots that don't belong there, kind of like in the police departments. I just went to China and back. In New York JFK, just before they scan you a guy checks your visa, passport and stuff like that and this guy won't let me go thru like he did for others in front of me. I knew he was suspecting something wrong with me. I had all good papers and nothing missing from them. He called me aside and took me to the front of the line by the scanner and he searched me and called his buddies over to check me out and then he called his supervisor to check me out, I don't know why except that a latino is going to china, haha. Wow, thats suspicious. His boss checked my papers and looked at me and said I was okay. Before I walked off I told him, yes I am okay, I am a security officer in another state and have been for 11 years now. He just smiled. And the idiots did not notice the police boots I was wearing. I really hate all the crap people have to go thru just to get on the plane. If I could take a train to china I would. I think TSA workers really need more training.