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billiard cue

I have been traveling between miami and chicago about 12 times a year for the past 20 years.One of my favorite pastimes is playing billiards.I recently was flying to chicago for a tournament and brought my pool cues with me.The agents at the ticket counter told me I would be able to carry the cue case on board with me.When I went through security a female tsa agent opened up my case,took out the butt section of my cue and started waving it frantically over her head screaming"Look what he can do,he can smash somebody in the head with this club" Imagine taking over a plane with a $5,000 cue stick! Incidentally,to anyone tired of the whole tsa thing,I suggest you wear a clear plastic raincoat and a g string with your ticket and passport velcroed to your sleeves like arm badges. Rember "Up against the wall and put your hands up" Exhausted Traveler

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I can smash someones head with a notebook or any heavier object that I can take legally into the cabin. The real mccoys are above any security measure and they can get you easy.....