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No one wants to feel violated, but you want to know what I'll bet feels a lot worse? Seeing the guy sitting next to you whip out a box cutter, and charge the cockpit door with a half dozen other guys with no fear of death at 35,000 feet. Personally if they have to stick a periscope up my a-s then so be it. Of course the TSA is heavily flawed but as of now it's the best we've got so deal with it or stay home, better yet buy a mini van and see this great land.

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If the guy next to me whips out a box cutter and charges the cockpit door, he won't get that far and it will be the last thing he ever does. After the 9/11/2001 incidents, I figure that we have nothing to lose anymore and I will personally take him and his companions out before they get to the door or have a chance to cut me up!!


Amen Allen. If everyone would react as the heros on the Pennsylvania flight did, it wouldn't take long for the terrorists to figure out that they will need to find 150 suicidal morons to take over a plane.


100% of terror plots have been carried out by foreign born men, yet they are groping American grandmas and kids? Does anyone else see the foolishness of this?


It's a different world now. If I see anybody rushing the cockpit with anything resembling a weapon or a bomb, I will take him out. And so will everybody else on the plane. September 11, 2010 was the last day passengers cowered in fear on any airplane.


thank you wonderful comment. factual and true...




Ahem jimyz123 and Allen you would probably sit in your seat yelling about the lack of security.


Sure, buy a mini van to drive across the US to see the family for Xmas with three days to do it. Get real. Or "get busy" with that periscope....... with that periscope


We should have been locking the cockpit door for years! That was our fatal flaw on Sept 11th. No access to the flight controls and it would have ended much different.


You are an idiot. I will no sacrafice my 4th amendment rights and be sexualy molested by a stranger just in oreder to fly home to see my family. YOU ARE DUMB! There are other ways to prevent terrorist. Getting rid of idiots like you is the first step.


Timothy McVeigh wasn't a foreign born man. And anyone thinking your rights are being infringed on, you can always take a car, bus, train, boat or any other means of transportation, or sit at home.

How about...

Just like several others on here have pointed out it you don't like what the TSA does, we as American's have an option to choose another means of transportation. Air travel is not a right guarenteed under the constitution or by law. If you don't like what they have to do to keep us safe, and after reading some of the methods used for screening they can be a bit too over the top, then make another choice.


"After the 9/11/2001 incidents, I figure that we have nothing to lose anymore" Nope nothing to lose but our freedom- including freedom of movement. We have jobs that require us to fly, we have families spread across the country, we have service memebers who get no choice where they are stationed and only have so much leave........yet if we choose to fly we have to give up our right to privacy in the most intimate of ways. The point of terrorism is to use violence in a manner that creates change in a society or a government. So far the terrorist have won..........


I couldn't agree more. Everyone is complaining about TSA and their tactics but I'll tell you what... if being searched, patted down, or x-rayed keeps me from sitting next to some guy on the plane with a bomb in his shorts, then so be it. TSA is probably doing the best they can and its all to keep us safe so everyone just quit bitching and get on with your trip.


El Al Airlines, the Israeli national airline, has not had a successful hyjacking since 1968. They don't have TSA, they don't have backscatter scanners, they have real security. Implement El Al methods.


So, what's next? We pat down when we go in the mall or turn in our cars every evening to be checked for explosives, because there are more car bombs every year than plane hijackings and more hostages taken in malls. Ooo, I know lets start a marshal law state were we all have are homes searched every day before we can go out at all. "Don't forget my cavity check today officer. I don't want to get shot for breaking the rules!" Freedom is easy to give up, but take a look around the world, it is a struggle to find once it's gone. "Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchaced at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!" Patrick Henery, March 23, 1775 promoter of the American Revolution.


Tim McVeigh blew up a building and since Allen needs to feel safe I think everyone should be stripped search any time they enter a public place. Sports arenas, movie theaters, shopping malls... You have a greater probability of being shot in a movie theater than an incident on an airplane. Also, empirically Allen is correct any type of incident on airplanes is being responded to by passengers -- shoe bomber, underwear bomber, etc... Ben Franklin was right if you give up liberty for safety you deserve neither liberty or safety!!!!