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Author: X-Ray

Airport: New York JFK International Airport JFK

Location: New York, NY

Xray or Patdown?

Which would you prefer? an XRay or a pat down? The reason I ask is because some are encouraging holiday travelers to opt out of an xray scan for the more time consuming pat down. To me, this is absurd. If you want to fly, then deal with it. If it's that important that you don't get scanned or xrayed, then stay the hell home and let us law abiding citizens get on a plane in as timely fashion as possible. I don't need a bunch of assholes making my security checkpoint stay any longer than necessary....So would you rather go for a pat down or an Xray?

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Joe C

AMen to that brother. Next thing you know the ACLU will file suit on people like us


and the funny thing is u complain about the people who ejaculate ,,, and try to have them arrested.. like the man from san francisco.. YOU perverted mother f@#$%#.. Im a Officer .. and i trully believe this procedure is the wrong way to go. their is other ways.


some people are't happy with either...they aren't what you said they just need to learn repect .


As a Correctional Officer let me say that if a pat down is performed correctly, it will make a person feel as if they have been violated, trust me. Trouble is, most are not done correctly. On the other hand, the scan is definitely an invasion of one's privacy. I would choose a pat down every time. Unless they can present me with each and every "agent's" professional training certificate or license and background, I'm not getting in the scanner, period. Those of you that are in a with it and maybe leave earlier to allow for the time delay.


Thank you!! Too many people who opt out for these TWO options, are also the same people who would be the first to flake out when someone does find a way to hijaok a plane. Shut up and help keep us all safe


A couple years ago on my way back from Montreal, Canada I got pulled out of line for a pat down. It was random...she said, I happened to be a number. It was done professionally and efficiently. I did not feel violated what so ever and believe me, they left nothing unchecked. Not everyone is offended by this, its LIFE. People that are offended by a standard and professionally done pat down need some phyc help - there is something more personal going on in your mind and you need to deal with it on a personal level...seriously.