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What do you think about Scans and Pat Downs?

Do you think that TSA body scans and pat downs go to far? or do you feel it makes flights safer? Lets hear the opinions out there...

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the day someone pats down my 13 and 16 year old daughter is the day i file a police report and have that person arrested... Open hand, back hand makes no difference to me. Its against the law to touch a female this way, its called molestation and shoud be treated that way... Someone on the street comes up to them and does this, they are going to jail WAKE UP AMERICA !!!

Ed S

if its going to keep me from being blown up or wrecked, I don't care, it does not bother me in the least, just be gentle when feeling around the crotch area.


i beleive it makes things safe ...If one puts a "beware of dog" then they know we are AWARE AND READY


-eye roll- I travel quite a bit and increased security is annoying. I'm standing in line thinking rent-a-cop. I think we should be aware and have security, but let's take a step back and think, "Is this neseccary? Is it helpful? Is it offensive?"


Today my 16 year old daughter went thru the full body scanner only to be pulled to the side for a upper body pat down! If that wasn't bad enough they then proceeded to check her hands for explosive residue!! She was flying with a relative and I could not pass thru where she was, I was in total shock! Her hands were shaking as they were applying some sort of chemical on her hands! What was the chemical and what if she were to have an allergic reaction to it! Needless to say it was a traumatic experience for her.This was at DFW Airport! very dissapointed in the way she was treated. She was never told this is what we are going to do and why! Seemed a little extreme to me! she was wearing no jewlery.