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Author: Billy Bob

Airport: Terre Haute - Hulman Field Intl. Airport HUF

Location: Terre Haute, IN

Scannnin ait Happenin

Guess there go my plans for the holidays because I'll be dammed if im going to get a full body scan. I aint no terrorist. This is going way to far. Is anybody else with me on this??

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Airline employee

I dont care if I get a body scan if it will keep us all safe. I think females should scan females and males scan males. These things see under our cloths and you will have every perv and peeping tom applying for a TSA job.


How do they know you are not a terrorist? You don't want to be scanned? Then stay home and let the rest of us catch our flight in a timely manner. Nobody cares what you look like under your clothes and they wont remember you from Adam in five minutes. A gynacologist sees more than these guys but you don't care how much he touches your wife. Get over it , be safe.


and if yuor family was on a plane that was blown from the skies you'd probably whine no one did enough to save your family




All this TSA nonsense could be stopped if people stood up for their rights. To quote Benjamin Franklin "those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty or safety." My brother in law worked for the TSA and stated that the majority of the workers are idiots who are on a power trip.


IS THIS NAZI GERMANY?THE FORMER SOVIET UNION.WHERE ARE OUR RIGHTS,you remember,life,liberty and the pursuit of happiness .they have taken two away liberty and happiness to preserve one so they say i thought we were supposed to have all three.


You are absolutely right on. Avoid them at all chance. Those all scanning employees are the next on the list to get cancer with those rays within reach all the time. If you or anyone is going to fly constantly like my husband, avoid the scans even if it means feely pat downs. TSA agents act like NAZI aholics. They could at least speak clear ENGLISH.