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Author: Anonymous

Airport: Las Vegas McCarran International Airport LAS

Location: Las Vegas, NV

This was a flight heading back to my hometown after a vacation so in all reality I had no energy left to deal with such nonsense. But I did. Everything was as usual going through the line. I was with my dad and I was the one going first. I was successfully given the nine yards and was deemed cleared. Now at this point I was just waiting for my dad to get through until I was approached by an agent that wanted to look at my shoes. I am not the type of person to challenge authority so I took them off and gave it up. They were an old pair of designer sneakers. They didn't have spurs on them, or were steel toed, or had wheels or anything that you would think was unsafe. Except maybe because there were holes on the heel's soles. My dad now cleared asked what the hold up was and I pointed over to what looked like 4-5 agents hounding over my shoes. Looking rather hilariously, my dad yells and asked what the problem is. At first response, the original agent says that have to re-scan my shoes. Then I interject saying that I have been already cleared. The agent responds saying it might be "a security tag within the shoes". This isn't the first time traveling with those shoes so I knew that it was not the problem. I peer over and see them swabbing it, running it through x-ray, and "massaging" the shoe. WTH? This took well over a few minutes of my time. Had I walked away without waiting for my dad I would have saved myself the headache. So after all that they just give it back to me with a "here you go". My main gripe is the un-professionalism on them going back on their word. If I was cleared I should have been no business to them thereafter.

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Obitsu\'s rock

They were seriously that flipped over a pair of old sneakers? Either they were drunk or they were bored.