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Author: mastergil

Airport: Manchester Airport MHT

Location: Manchester, NH

Through the TSA's Eyes!

Dwelling in stillness and looking the TSA's I encounter my self in the outer of my world... On Thursday August the 12, 2010 to be depart @ (MHT) Southwest flight 1108 at 8:30 am; at the TSA check point my carry on bags when to the X rays machine... and I was call to the side!!! empty all my bags... wipe... with the result print out of the coputer... (TNT)!!! I ask the TSA that what was the abbreviation stan for?... (I was in my own life conduting my life as forgetting momentarily that we are here, in front of our own government NAZI organization where I already was. "Now what"...?..) and the TSA"S yell EXPLOSIVES! STUPIT!... after some time they talk, pack my bags and they let me go in to my flight.

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tsa worker at MHT

No that never are a liar. I was there and I remember that alarm and I remember you.

Was also There at MHT

You didn't just call him stupid, you called him a stupid shit.


I'm so sure that both of you remember that day perfectly! Just like I'm sure you remember that one time, at the place, with the thingy, where that one guy had that one thing in his bag! Yeah, nooooo.


WTF did you all just say, this makes no sense