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Author: farmer

Airport: Kansas City International Airport MCI

Location: Kansas City, MO

they are not tsa

I could not found a place were a person could make a comment on a story so started this story even tho it isn't a story.
I just wanted to let you all know the screeners at KC airport are not TSA they are from Private Contractor.

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You just never know these days, do you? We have contract mercenaries in the military and now contract screeners. The sad thing is that you know they are the lowest bidder. What is our government come to?


You all need to be informed. First TSA is like any other job theres good and not so good people. The majority that are there want to assure 9/11 never happens again. An underwear bomber comes into the country TSA is blamed for him getting by. Hello he was screened in Amsterdam. Secondly the whole body imager gives you as much radiation as 2 hours in a plane. Thats right folks flying exposes you to radiation. Third we get no pleasure looking at your images if we,were perverts we could get free porn The images are like a,medical book. And all the older folks that no longer have to be wanded love the ait. Sadly we live in a world where people want to kill Americans for being American. TSA wants Americans to live That is why they do what they do.