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Author: Anonymous

Airport: Kansas City International Airport MCI

Location: Kansas City, MO

Overaggressive Pat Down - Part 2

After 2 LONG phone calls with the private contractor who supplies the screeners, nothing happened.

We were told their screener followed their S.O.P.
We were told they supervisor could not identify the exact screener. I said to send photos and I'd identify her.. of course they said no.
We were told even IF the employee was reprimanded, they would not be able to tell us.

She asked why we didn't complain to the TSA agent while this was going on. She didn't seem to comprehend that we didn't want to be locked up, kicked off our flight, whatever they felt like doing.

I told the woman on the phone (Customer Service Supervisor) that all went down as I expected. No action being taken. I also told her that this is exactly why TSA is such a hated agency by us and everyone I talk to who flies. She seemed shocked that I had that reaction.

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MY DEAR ANONYMOUS: You are right!!! American's we all hate this Government Agency, but we are very gullible and stupid... we allow ourselfs to let our government do this to us.... we should be up in arms screaming and fighting.... this NAZI government abominable agency should be abolish. We American's when print a comment is no need to print other name.


Wow. All this shit with the government crap is ridiculous. The TSA is just more added to it. They remove trans-fats from donuts. They do things like this at airports. What will they do next, live with us and follow us around to make sure we don't watch anything we aren't supposed to or say anything offensive? I feel like moving to Switzerland.