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Author: Mad as Hell

Airport: Kansas City International Airport MCI

Location: Kansas City, MO

Overaggressive pat down?

Let me start out by saying that my wife and I fly probably 4-5 times a year. Both domestic and international. My wife has 2 hip replacements and screws in one heel.

Flying out of KC, my wife gets beeped going thru the metal detector. Not unusual for her with her hips. She prepares to get wanded by the female screener. She WAS NOT asked to go to a private room. The screener repeatedly was wanding her chest area, then feeling her chest area. Some areas more than once. After probably 2 minutes of this, she proceeds to wand her jeans. Every time she came across a rivet, the scanner would rub the area of the rivet.

All this was done in the open gate area, with 4 or 5 male scanners watching. They were sitting in a row of chairs, along the wall, waiting for the shift change.

After this ordeal, all the while our teenage daughter watching in disbelief, my wife was in tears.

I went back to the podium, and wanted to get info on the scanner to file a complaint. The shift change had just taken place, and the supervisor said he did not know who the woman was. I pointed to the 3 female names on the duty roster and asked which one it was, and he told me he didn't know any of those names. COVERUP????

I sent an E-Mail to the security company that supplies the agents. We'll see if anything happens.

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