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Author: Mr P

Airport: New York JFK International Airport JFK

Location: New York, NY

Is it really random?

Last summer while traveling with my brother, we were both standing in the TSA line when we decided to see how "random" the individual searches really were. I should mention we are both Indian so we could be mistaken for your prototypical terrorist. Anyhow, instead of going through the line together, we decided to put some space between us. I stayed in place while my brother stayed behind and got into the line some 10-20 people behind me. Can you guess what happened?

To no one's surprise we were both "randomly" selected to undergo the individual screening. Of course this didn't surprise being that I am selected for individual searches quite often when I travel. Since I do much contract work I travel quite often so I am quite used to it. Not saying I have a problem with this, hey it's not my fault I look like a terrorist, just stop saying the searches are "random".

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Random Commenter

I'm a white american woman (40 y.o.) and was randomly selected to remove my shoes and be wanded by a female TSA agent after I'd passed through the scanner successfully. I permitted the private scanning. But, I was curious and asked her why this was necessary for me to do. She said that they do pick people randomly, but that also if she is not scanning anyone, she must pull the next person in line. So, my understanding is that there are agents that are there solely to do the personal scans and they must always be scanning someone.

SWF Random Scan

I too was pulled out of line "randomly" on my way back from Canada and patted down. I am a white american woman. It was 6am and I was way too tired to even care.