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Author: TSA Hater

Airport: Lubbock International LBB

Location: Lubbock, TX

Please remove your Nipple Ring

A Texas woman was forced to remove her nipple rings as she boarded a flight headed to Dallas. Upon entering the checkpoint, a female TSA officer wanded the woman. As she scanned her breast area, the metal detector beeped. The woman told the TSA officer that she was wearing nipple rings. The woman responded that she could not do so without pliers. A male TSA Officer then proceeded to hand the passenger a pair of pliers for the prompt removal of the Nipple ring.

To add insult to injury, the woman reported that the officers giggled as she removed the rings. This is a strange story considering people with rings are allowed to board without issues. Is this a case of "cruel and unusual punishment" on the TSA's part? According to the TSA, no, anyone selected for individual screening must remove any item deemed necessary by the TSA. In addition, once the metal detector finds something, that passenger will not be allowed to board.

Moral of the story, be prepared to go through some pain and suffering if you plan to board a plane wearing your body jewelry. I would hate to see what happens when the TSA finds a genital piercing?

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Pierced Dude

I'd show it to them of course. Here ya go dude.

Show n Tell

THAT would be really funny pierced dude!!! I do feel bad for the woman with the nipple rings. I would have demanded the ladies room or a private area to remove them. What's next, a chair with stir-ups! Geeezz!


poor woman,but she should have taken them off before the flight.