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Author: Mad as Hell

Airport: Portland International Airport PDX

Location: Portland, OR

America's New Terrorist Threats-White Pregnant females

Sometime last November while at the security checkpoint in Portland International airport, I was asked to step aside for the "closer inspection" that is so popular at airports these days. I was asked to remove my shoes, I was asked to remove my sweater, then to fold over the waistband of my pants. Which in retrospect, is quite interesting since the Christmas underwear bomber debacle. I began to get a little aggravated, as most normal people would under such circumstances. After all, we know we are not "terrorists".

What really set me off was when I looked over and found a pregnant woman and her partner being treated to the "full inspection" as well. I had originally and incorrectly thought that these were random selections, selected for the more excessive than normal search. Like ever 25 or 50 or whatever. Apparently not though – it was me and the couple behind me. These ladies and gentlemen are America's new "terrorists", pregnant women and their sleepy husbands flying Vegas. While I fully understand the regular searches, do we really need to subject white pregnant females to such searches? Are they a high risk group?

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She obviously packed her uterus with 10lbs of C4.