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Airport Officials Investigating Possible Security Breach

CHARLOTTE, NC-More questions, more concerns, but very few answers. The investigation into a possible security breach at Charlotte Douglas International airport is underway. There are serious concern......

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Military family w/ baby in diaper.

While traveling w/my Airman son (dressed in Air Force uniform) daughter -in-law. & 3mo/old infant grandson, TSA reared its head. Because we had only a very short flight, we took only 3 diapers, 2 sma......

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Drawing Tube launcher

I am an Architect. My practice has me flying all over the States for various projects. I most always carry a roll of drawings with me. Sometimes they get knocked around and tattered during my trips. I......

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I carry a 4" pocket knife daily and you can see it hanging from my pocket. It was pretty visible. I forgot to leave it at home, and slid through the metal detector so quick that the TSA worker though......

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Ticket Time

My flight was delayed for 4 hours that night so I went to the bar. When my plane came in, they began calling my name. I had to go through the security check point again, but this time there had been......

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