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Overaggressive Pat Down - Part 2

After 2 LONG phone calls with the private contractor who supplies the screeners, nothing happened. We were told their screener followed their S.O.P. We were told they supervisor could not identify th......

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wheelchair taken away

arrived an alaska flight 669 from auston to seattle july 6, 2010. my wife showed the staff her state issued identification as a handicapped person but was still denied the use of a wheelchair and was ......

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Overaggressive pat down?

Let me start out by saying that my wife and I fly probably 4-5 times a year. Both domestic and international. My wife has 2 hip replacements and screws in one heel. Flying out of KC, my wife gets b......

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Is it really random?

Last summer while traveling with my brother, we were both standing in the TSA line when we decided to see how "random" the individual searches really were. I should mention we are both Indian so we co......

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Please remove your Nipple Ring

A Texas woman was forced to remove her nipple rings as she boarded a flight headed to Dallas. Upon entering the checkpoint, a female TSA officer wanded the woman. As she scanned her breast area, the m......

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