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What do you think about Scans and Pat Downs?

Do you think that TSA body scans and pat downs go to far? or do you feel it makes flights safer? Lets hear the opinions out ......

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Scannnin ait Happenin

Guess there go my plans for the holidays because I'll be dammed if im going to get a full body scan. I aint no terrorist. This is going way to far. Is anybody else with me on ......

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This was a flight heading back

This was a flight heading back to my hometown after a vacation so in all reality I had no energy left to deal with such nonsense. But I did. Everything was as usual going through the line. I was with ......

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Through the TSA's Eyes!

Dwelling in stillness and looking the TSA's I encounter my self in the outer of my world... On Thursday August the 12, 2010 to be depart @ (MHT) Southwest flight 1108 at 8:30 am; at the TSA check poin......

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they are not tsa

I could not found a place were a person could make a comment on a story so started this story even tho it isn't a story. I just wanted to let you all know the screeners at KC airport are not TSA they ......

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