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Old lady in a wheel chair = terrorist threat

This happened a couple of years ago. I was in the airport and an old lady in a wheelchair came up and they decided to wand her. She was in a wheelchair because she couldn't walk. So they hauled her......

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billiard cue

I have been traveling between miami and chicago about 12 times a year for the past 20 years.One of my favorite pastimes is playing billiards.I recently was flying to chicago for a tournament and broug......

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No one wants to feel violated, but you want to know what I'll bet feels a lot worse? Seeing the guy sitting next to you whip out a box cutter, and charge the cockpit door with a half dozen other guys......

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Xray or Patdown?

Which would you prefer? an XRay or a pat down? The reason I ask is because some are encouraging holiday travelers to opt out of an xray scan for the more time consuming pat down. To me, this is absurd......

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Scanners Being Pushed

The use of scanners is nothing more than corporations lobbying law makers for the right to sell them. Anybody that thinks the Government really cares about their safety is kidding themselves. This is ......

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