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Wheelchair Pat Down

I was standing in line waiting to go through security. I noticed an elderly lady in a wheel chair going though security. They were xraying everyone that day. They told her to get out of the wheel c......

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Get up and walk

While boarding a flight from Miami to Indianapolis a brain dead TSA employee made me get up out of my wheel, stagger over to be fondled then asked "Why are you in a wheelchair"? Maybe it's because I c......

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Don't wear a Cross

After being subjected to the body invasive xray I was selected for an additional "pat down" because the xray alerted on a dangerous object around my neck. I was asked to unbutton my shirt near the to......

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I certainly feel safer

Just to preface, this happened at Dulles Int'l. Airport, and not Wilmington, but the software doesn't have that option. I feel so much safer boarding a plane now that my 12 year old has been frisked ......

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Protein Bars Inspected

I was returning home from a week's business trip. The night before I stopped at a Walgreens and bought 6 protein (Balance Bars) snack bars. I usually keep several on hand in case I'm delayed or I mi......

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